Convert text file - tag "does not work" :-)

I have not been able to get text file -> tags to work. So I created a one file test situation to see if I could figure out what the problem is. When I click File/Add Directory and enter "D:\DriveQ\Q" Mp3tag correctly lists one file j n the rPath column.
The rPath value is: D:\DriveQ\Q\QQ\A Spelling Song For Carol.mp3

Then when I click on Convert/Text file - Tag I give it a file that contains the single line:
D:\DriveQ\Q\QQ\A Spelling Song For Carol.mp3 / MyGenre / MyArtist / MyAlbum / MyTitle
and the format string:
%_rpath%/%genre% / %artist% / %album% / %title%

If I then click on preview it shows:
"D:\DriveQ\Q\QQ\A Spelling Song For Carol.mp3" ->
genre: MyGenre
artist: MyArtist
album: MyAlbum
title: MyTitle
and gives no error messages

If I click on "Ok" it gives no error messages and it says
Imported tags from D:\DriveQ\NewTags.txt to one file

HOWEVER, the tags shown on the screen are not changed.
The tags in the file are also not changed.
Note that t he file is not read only.

As I was writing this I discovered a separate but similar situation. If I use the tag panel and change, for instance, the album tag and then click on File/Save tag it says it saved the tag, but again the tags shown on the screen and those in the file are not changed.

What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks for any help.

Did you have a look at the extended tag-view with "ALT+t"?
What does it show?
What kind of tag-version is shown in the headline of the window?

What have you defined in
Tools - > Options -> Tags -> MPEG
for Read, Write Remove?

Thanks for your reply. IN Tools - > Options -> Tags -> MPEG nothing was checked in the "Write" section, so it didn't write anything. :rolleyes:

Now it is almost working. It is writing tags, but not the correct ones. If I can't find an answer to my new problem I'll start another thread for that because it is a different problem.