Convert > Text file - Tag: format string

I have a collection of about 7000 tracks, coded by a musician, who has made loads of mistakes tagging the files. Did you know that Schubert was a Blues composer?
It is much easier to export tags into Excel, where I can correct many of these errors quickly by using formulae, by using drag after making some manual changes.
I have exported all the necessary fields to a tsv file. No problem. I can correct the mistakes, in Excel.
I then need to convert the tags by re-importing.
I have looked at Convert > Text file - Tag and at Mp3tag/help/main_converter.html#tff. This suggests:

Line in file: Artist / Title / Album / Year
Format string: %artist% / %title% / %album% / %year%

This uses / as a delimiter. Is there any constraint on what I can use here? Comma, semicolon? Tab?

I prefer to ask rather than possibly screw up a lot of files!

regards Derek

Why don't you follow the example?
The first line should reflect the data structure that follows by indicating the field's position and the delimiter.
So I would be careful with commas.
It should be possible to use a test file first, I would guess. Usually the screwing up comes from surprises that an alleged safe delimiter appeared in the text.... Even with the forward slash groups like Colurbox M/A/R/R/S or AC/DC may spoil the import.

It could be, if you mean Dirk Schubert from Wuppertal.

Using the converter "Textfile - Tag" you will have the chance for a preview before making mistakes, and if a mistake has really happened, then the "Undo change tag" option can be the last help.

I want to point out, that in the given example the delimiter separator between the data items is indeed a delimiter separator string of three characters: space slash space.
It is not only one slash.

Some data string like ...
M/U/R/K/S / ... this was / The A/B Sides Album / 22/6/2011
... should be split by the converter "Textfile - Tag" using the format string ...
into the four components ...
TITLE=... this was
ALBUM=The A/B Sides Album

Because Mp3tag per se does not support any specifically designed text data format, you can feel free in choosing a delimiter separator character or string, which will work at its best with your data.