Convert ‘Text file - tag’ unable to parse

Currently using MP3Tag v3.14. I’m attempting to import multiple tag fields from a text file, using a file with data such as:

1. “Song Title” (Tom Composer; Dick Lyricist; Tom Composer, Dick Lyricist) — 3:13#CRLF#ART: Tom, Dick & Harry#CRLF#PRS: Tom Composer — vocals, arrangement#CRLF#Dick Lyricist — vocals, arrangement#CRLF#Harry Armpits — piano, arrangement

My format string:

%track%. “%title%” (%composer%; %lyricist%; %composersort%) — %dummy%#CRLF#ART: %artist%#CRLF#PRS: %personnel%

(I have separate actions configured to properly format COMPOSERSORT and replace #CRLF# with actual Windows end-of-line sequences, which I run after importing the data.)

I have used text data and format strings like these many times before, but MP3Tag keeps telling me it’s unable to parse any of the lines in this file. I’ve looked them over again and again, read and re-read the ‘Text file - tag’ help, and searched for forum posts by users with similar problems, without any luck. I think I need a fresh pair of eyes on this. Anybody?

I do not find

in the data string, just

the PRS:
is missing.

It’s there. Here’s the middle section of the data string with PRS: included:

#CRLF#ART: Tom, Dick & Harry#CRLF#PRS: Tom Composer — vocals, arrangement#CRLF#

Ah, got it,
I just tried it with a single file that imported your data with your string and it worked.
So now you have to look at your data file and see what may be wrong.
E.g. the format string should not be included.
Also, empty lines should not be there.
Just as possible causes.

I had already tried that here, and just tried it again, once on an MP3 and once on a FLAC file. Unable to parse, everytime.

Check, check, check. I also just upgraded to MP3Tag v3.15 (32-bit). I don’t know what else to try.

So, as the dummy data that you supplied plus the probably real format string work together fine (or don't they work for you either?), it would be nice if you could supply a (part of the ) real data file, just 3-4 records.
These should be tested that they don't work for you and then the community could try them as well and see if anything can be found.

Neither real nor dummy data were working for me. But I just went through and tried importing incrementally larger portions of the dummy data for one track (just track # first, then track # and title, then track/title/composer, then track/title/composer/lyricist, then track/title/composer/lyricist/composersort) and as far as I can tell, I found that the problem was somewhere between %lyricist% and %composersort% in my format string, not apparently in my data string. I suspect that maybe, as I originally entered it into MP3Tag, I inadvertently put a non-breaking space, or other character that looked just like a space to the naked eye, between the two. I basically manually replace anything that looked like a space in the entire format string with an actual, normal space, and then my import worked as expected. I can only guess that when I pasted the original format string into my first post above, the forum software maybe converted any and all quasi-spaces to real spaces? Might be worth some experimentation on somebody’s part.

Anyway, I’m really liking the new Manage History feature for the format string (and whatever other) fields. I’d been wondering how to do that anyway, but getting rid of this problematic format string was a sudden priority. Done!

And thanks much for taking a look, @ohrenkino.

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