Convert Text File - Tag

For some reason, Safari on the Mac is having troubles playing MP3 files with certain ID3 tags in them. I have been troubleshooting all the possible issues with this and have narrowed it down to this program, MP3tag...

I am using the "Convert Text File - Tag" function with a text file my server creates. This all works great and is very slick. But, when I do this, the MP3 files will not play in Safari (everything else works, all browsers, etc...).

When I manually enter in all the ID3 tag info in an MP3 file (same tags I affect in the above function), and save it, the MP3 file works fine in Safari (and in all the others also).

My question is, what could MP3tag be doing to the files differently between the two options? Using the "Convert Text File - Tag" function and manually entering the same data.

Strange issue and I've been trying every permutation to get to this conclusion...

Any ideas?


OK, here's what I discovered to fix this issue...

The first thing I do is remove all tags.

Second, I made a 'dummy' Text file that has all my strings in it that I want to import ("aaa\aaa\aaa\aaa\aaa\aaa\aaa")

I apply this 'dummy' text file to my mp3 files, the ID3 tags get written with 'aaa'.

I then apply my real text file to the mp3 files, it overwrites 'aaa' with the data I want.

My string:

MP3 file plays fine in all browsers and players.

Don't know why this works, but it does.

(Also, adding cover art to the mp3 files, Safari does not like this and won't stream them from websites. Any fix here, let me know!)