Convert text file to tag help

I am having trouble figuring out how to use the text file to tag feature.

I have mp3 files with ID3 tags (created by other software) and APE tags (created by mp3tag). The tags aren't identical (by design). I used the other software to create replaygain_* tags (TXXX: in ID3). From searching, it seems there is no way to just transfer those specific tags into APE as REPLAYGAIN_*. So I did an "export" of the MP3 tag data to text file, with the intention of then using the convert text file to tag to import it into the APE tags.

My exported file looks like this:

F:\testmusic\4Minute\4Minutes Left\01 4Minutes Left.mp3 | -9.70 dB × -7.40 dB × 0.999969
F:\testmusic\4Minute\4Minutes Left\02 거울아 거울아.mp3 | -9.70 dB × -9.90 dB × 0.999969

and my convert format string looks like this


but all I get is "Can't parse line 1 etc". I tried some variations, but still didn't work. I guess I don't understand how to build the format string correctly.

scott s.

Try the export with a unified separator, e.g. the semicolon.
Instead of
abc | def x hij x klm


Take care that there are no blanks between the separator and the field variable.

The import would then use the same mask.

Correct the different delimiter separator characters.
The Mp3tag preview promises success.
See attached picture.


OK Thanks for the help. I see (from lots of trial and error) my core problem is the separator character that was in my export file was actually a unicode "multiplication sign" 00D7 × but I misread it as the letter x unicode 0078. Live and learn I guess.

scott s.

I try to get this to work for a couple of days now. (After a rest for a long time)
Installed new version of mp3tag (I was on 2.49) and latest version of complete tags.

I managed last night to get it working once, don't know why, but today it doesn't work again.

Reading these posts I did manually change to %_path%, because the standard: %_filename_ext% doesn't seem to work. (Found out yesterday after study the screenshot scott967)

However I think this is where I have to find the issue.

Tested also with removing the path in the txt output, 1 row of data and 1 row structure changed.
This does work...

Changed the separator character: | to PQP (Just something else) this seems to work for 1 file.

I'm stuck.
I get with import the message: Cannot parse line 1 (up to 6)
Even the format line, which is line 6

When I remove %_path% it does work, however files are parsed random, so it's a big mess afterwards.

Yes, finally, this seems to do the trick.
To avoid single semicolon, I used a double. (;:wink:

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Thank you I just did test it on a couple of thousand files and it seems to work ok.

Glad I have this working as my PCDJ DEX 1 playing software makes a mess of my carefully arranged tags.