Convert/Textfile - tag fails if Format String has > 4 items

I was having trouble getting Text file - Tag to work so I created a simple test case I could use to try to find out what I was doing wrong.

In file F:\TestMusic\TestMusicOutNoHeader.txt I have the single line:
F:\TestMusic\Test Folder\Test song.mp3;New genre;New Title;New Artist;New AlbumArtist;New Album;New Comment

In the text Text file - Tag dialog I have
F:\TestMusic\TestMusicOutNoHeader.txt (File with the single line above)
Format String:

The above gets a "Cannot parse line 1" error. However if I remove some of the fields from the Format string so that there are not more than 4 fields it works perfectly. For example:

Any other string that contains more than 4 fields

Of course I haven't tried every possible combination of fields, but I did try a number and they all fail if there are more than 4 fields.

Is this a bug, or am I missing something?

Side note (because of the discussion in another thread): The Mp3tag help says that %_path% is the fully qualified path/filename and it does work.

Many thanks for any help.

it should be %_filename_ext% instead of %_path%.

Thanks for your reply. The %_path% is described in the portion of Mp3tag's help file dealing with Convert / Text file - Tag.

%_path% works great. I found the problem - please see the surprising fix in my reply to the main question

the filename can also be fully qualified.
I tried your example with this data:

M:\My Musik\MP3Music\Misc Music\69 Eyes\2004 - Sweet Nothing Play Hard\416 5 Conspiracy Theories _ Sweet Nothing Play Hard _ 001 _ Lost Boys.mp3;New genre;New Title;New Artist;New AlbumArtist;New Album;New Comment

and it worked with all the fields i.e. more than 4.


For some strange reason, using the ; delimiter works with up to four fields but not more.

I tried using the space-forward slash-space delimiter as shown in Mp3tag's help file (see below) and it works great!

(I had tried using that delimiter once before and it did not work but it was because I had made a typo so I thought that delimiter didn't work either - but it does!)

Note that the %_path% is essential when the .mp3 files are located in a directory (folder) tree with very many sub-directories. Without it one would have to run a separate convert for each directory.

Here is the relevant part of Mp3tag's help file:

Menu Convert > Text file - Tag

This converter imports tag information from a text file. In this text file, each line corresponds to the tag information for one file. The format string describes the format of these lines.

Text files in Unicode format need a BOM (Byte Order Marker) to be correctly identified as Unicode files.

Filename of the text file. The tags will be imported from this file.
Format string

The format string describes the format of one line in the text file.
You can use the following placeholders in the format string:
%album% Album
%artist% Artist
%comment% Comment
%genre% Genre
%title% Title
%track% Track-Number
%year% Year
%field% Any other tag field you'd like to use.
%_filename_ext% Filename (current working directory is used as file path)
%_path% Filename with full file path
%dummy% this part will be ignored

Line in file: Artist / Title / Album / Year
Format string: %artist% / %title% / %album% / %year%

Using Mp3tag 2.82a there was no problem to import the text line ...
New Genre;New Title;New Artist;New AlbumArtist;New Album;New Comment;T:\Test\File1.mp3

... using the formatstring ...

... giving tag-fields ...
genre: New Genre
title: New Title
artist: New Artist
albumartist: New AlbumArtist
album: New Album
comment: New Comment