Convert Title field to filename

Hi...NooB here,

 I have over 1 thousand files recovered from Hard drive and the filenames are generic and in sequence (file0001.mp3, file0002.mp3....etc). The Title on the tag have the name and the location on the drive where the file used to be (/var/spool/monitor/2015/07/17/q-22222-6023487271-20150717-151335-1437160414.109626.wav). Is there a way that I can rename the file AND recreate the original directory structure?

Thanks in advance!

Convert "Tag - Filename" Formatstring: 'T:\TEST\Haustin01'$replace(%TITLE%,'/','\','.wav',)


You are running Windows, right? Path-filename is UNIX-type. We'll fix this.

Quick and dirty:
0. Make copy of original files just in case....

  1. Start Mp3Tag, load files. Make sure ALL title-tags start with /var/spool/.... or else you'll end up with a complete mess in C:. Easy test: click on title-column-header to sort on title. Now scroll and check.
  2. Select all files: Ctrl-A
  3. Convert Tag-Filename -- format string: $replace(%title%,/,)
    New path-filename of first file is displayed in window, without prefix "C:" ! Press OK when correct.
  4. Close Mp3Tag.

Structure is created from root, so files will be placed in folder "C:\var\spool\monitor\2015\07\17" etc. All folders and subfolders will be created!
Filename will be "q-2222-6023487271-20150717-151335-1437160414.109626.wav" etc.

Files are removed from original location. There is no easy way back!
Perhaps you test on a few files first. (You made a copy, didn't you?)

I doubt that WAV files really contain tags that can be dealt with by MP3tag...

I wonder which program displays a title as I think that this program only shows the filename as it has nothing else to show about the file.

Must be mp3-files, else Mp3Tag would not have read them. Perhaps converted from wav's ? Many conversion programs append .mp3 to original filename.

MP3tag only looks at the list in the options which files should be read. You could even include TXT files.

All files are treated according to their extension not according to the real contents. So files with the extension "wav" will be treated like any other wav file: no tagging.
You could try to trick MP3tag and replace/append the extention to mp3 - but any attempt to write tags to such a file will fail. MP3tag does not tag wav files.

(Slowly getting off-topic here)
Didn't know that. One is never too old..... :wink:

Since Haustin01 clearly mentioned a title-tag, must be a taggable format.

That is why I wonder in which program he saw that information.
In Windows iTunes and WMP show the filename as title if there is no further information ...

Haustin01 wrote:
...and the filenames are generic and in sequence (file0001.mp3, file0002.mp3....etc). The Title on the tag have the name and the location on the drive where the file used to be...

So the files are mp3s with title-tag !

I am fine with that.
I just wanted to get in a word of warning that expectations should not rise too high if in the end it comes out that we are dealing with wav files.
Also: if the renaming process in the end leads to files with the extension "wav" you are in for the nasty surprise that MP3tag will not show any tags.
Because this would be the outcome if I read that correctly

If the files originally were mp3s with tags then the tags are not not gone, they simply are not read.

You would have to rename the files again to mp3 to see the tags.

I don't think we are dealing with wav's here, but let's wait for Haustin to respond.
And you are right, I made a small mistake.
The new filename will be "q-22222-6023487271-20150717-151335-1437160414.109626.wav.MP3"

Reading through forums and found this thread. I have a quick question regarding converting.

I download a lot of tracks from youtube that end up with just the file name, e.g. "Brasstracks - Say U Won't.mp3".

I can change the album etc, but to add an individual artist with title the only way I have found to be able to do this is manually.

Has anyone got a way of taking the file name, then applying it to artist + title in that order?

I saw some tag format string, but got a little hard core for me.

Thanks for any help.

here's a screen attached

Try the function Convert>Filename-tag
Format string: %artist% - %title%

Perhaps you filter for the files with missing data:
%artist% MISSING OR %title% MISSING

Quite simple, really...

-Highlite (select) the lines you want to edit or select them all (Ctrl-A)
-From menu: Convert - Filename-Tag (Alt-2)

  • as format string, enter:

    "%artist% - %title%" (without quotes, with s exactly as in filename)

  • examine preview in same window

  • if allright, click OK

That's all !