Convert title to ID3 tag

Hi everybody, i am a novice and tried with the built in Converter to no avail.
I have a title on multiple numbers which is as an example : Tiësto`s club life podcast 012

How do i convert it into a Tag while keeping the specific numeric value??
I need
Artist : Tiësto`s - if "´s" can be removed from IDtag it would be great
Title: club life podcast 012

It would have been nice to see what you have tried so far.

Anyway. Try Convert > Filename-Tag
Format String: %artist%'s %title%
(make sure to insert the correct apostrophe)

Thanks, but when i use the built in converter "Ok" is grayed out, the same happens with your Format string :frowning:

Then you have to show us what the filename looks like and which format string you used, preferably with screendumps.
The pattern that forms the format string has to match exactly that what can be found in the filename.
If that is not the case then the conversion cannot be started.

As i can see you use ` and the example of Ohrenkino uses '.
Which character did you use in your format string, it should be the one that's in your filename.