Convert to "Title Case"

I see that under actions, case conversion, one can select uppercase lowercase and mixed case. Is it possible however to create an action that would convert to title case? I think that would be the most useful for capitalizing song titles.

Mp3tag provides the action "Case conversion" with four modes of case conversion:

  • lower case:
    "this is a test string."

  • upper case:

  • mixed case:
    "This Is A Test String."

  • sentence:
    "This is a test string."

If you mean with "Title Case" the "Mixed Case" mode, then you have it already.

Additionally you can use the action "Format value" along with the Mp3tag scripting functions $caps(), $caps2(), $caps3(). See manual for details.

See also:


By title case I am referring to capitalization of titles (whether it's a song title, book title, movie title...etc). Mixed case capitalizes the first letter of every word, whereas in a title you are not supposed to capitalize words like 'the' 'a' 'of' etc. The musicbrainz link you gave me actually lists these rules:

I will check out the manual for scripting functions, maybe it is possible to do it that way.

For the benefit of people searching for title-case converters, I am resurrecting this dead thread just to point to the others:

ffolke's script "Title Case (It’s a Smart Conversion)" is a godsend. I've been using a slightly modified version of this for years.

I see also that it has been greatly expanded by yog-sothoth and others into the even more robust Grammartron.

Thanks for this!