Convert 'Track' Tag to X/Y from X


Some of my FLAC Albums converted to MP3 (for USB audio in car) with Track tag as just X instead of X/Y based on the FLAC rip. This is an issue for me since my Honda USB Audio will play the X Albums in Song Title order and the X/Y Albums in Track order. I would like to to change the X albums to X/Y albums:

if Album has Track as X then convert to X/Y else keep Track value.

Can this be done in MP3Tag?


It can and cannot be done with mp3tag.
Yes, it can be done with mp3tag by using the Numbering Wizard. Tick the "Total" option.
No, it cannot be done by mp3tag if you want mp3tag to find out what an album is and how many tracks are in that album. So an action that first finds an album, counts the tracks and then formats track number with a slash and stuff does not work.