Converter - Album Artist

The Explanation on how to xfer the artist name from the "File Name" to the "Album Artist" column
works fine.
But I have a lot of albums, each in their own folder, which means I would have to load each one
individually into MP3TAG, go thru the process, change subdirectory to the next album, do the
conversion ...and so on.
Is there a way to scan thru all subdirecories, insert the "Album Artist" store the result and go on to the
next subdirectory? Like some sort of batch command sequence?


This depends a lot on the data you have in your filenames and folders.
In general, it should not make a difference whether you load all files in one go or individually as long as the data pattern stays the same.
So, try it: load files from 2 folders and use the same convert pattern.

or show us the filename and foldername (structure).

Thx 4 info. Please see attached doc.


Answer01.pdf (76.6 KB)

The example you gave for e.g. 2 Unlimited looks to me like this:
2 Unlimited - No Limits\02 - Tribal Dance - 2 Unlimited.mp3

You can now use the Convert>Filename-Tag function and this string:
%albumartist% - %album%\%track% - %title% - %artist%
Or, if you only want to fill the ALBUMARTIST:
%albumartist% - %dummy%\%dummy%
This should work even for the compilations in such a way that ALBUMARTIST remains empty - so that you can filter for
%albumartist% MISSING
and set the Albumartist, e.g. Various Artists, in one go.

It is entirely my fault, I did not understand how the program works. I thought when I added all MP3s
from my subdirectories, and added the "album artist" that in the end I would wind up with a new
folder containing the 4000+ MP3s in the MP3Tag window. Following your advice I found out that this
is not the case but the result of the "converter process" finds it's way into the original folders.
Thx for your help.