Converter switches fields

Yep! a glitch, i've noticed it switches fields sometimes when using the converters, like the other day it switched the artist and title fields on 2 songs after using a converter tool but most of the time it's okay, it's just a weird random occurrence.

I doubt that.
Which converter did you use?

You've also posted this as a reply to a topic in the Mac category. Are you using Mp3tag for Mac?

It certainly did i didn't capture it but it did, so maybe it might sometimes be adding things from other fields to another at random too, most likely it was one of the ones i use the most tag - filename, filename - tag, or tag - tag, i don't use it for more complex things just simply use the converters and 1 or 2 actions i've added to it which i followed to a T from the forum and Howtos. It just switches on it's own randomly and i tend to input the artist field manually on the left to make it easier to look for metadata for albums.

I have never experienced any randomness ever.
I would accept that when using Converter>Filename-Tag that the filename shows mixed up data.
But once the data is saved in the (structured) fields, it stays there and does not get swapped around by discretion.
It would be nice if you could describe a reproduceable case.

Not trying to pull any feathers here i just thought i'd reply to that person with what i've seen happening when editing songs and i've been editing quite a bunch in the last 2 weeks a couple albums or a big 150 song mix.

I tend to follow the same process starting with the filename, copying it over to title, although i copied it over to the artist too but that was a bit of a longer way, then edited out the artist name from filename and title fields then title from artist field using "Remove text before or after the dash" string, possibly remove a certain number of leading characters if i need to which i added to Standard Actions. Then for albums i'll then add the metadata and then finish by adding tracks with a dot . to the start of the filenames. After a while though it might switch a couple of fields for some reason that's about it really.

What is "it"?
If you claim that the "it" refers to MP3tag then please supply a reproduceable case.

Howard said Mac version (latest update) as well as the windows version (latest update) so i didn't reply without reading he uses both systems, thanks.

That's all that i can give you dude sorry thought i'd help letting him know about that, even if i gave you a screenshot you'd still be asking the same question, i don't have access to their systems or know how mp3tag code things exactly nor would i so it's up to them to look at it.

I’m asking again: are you using Mp3tag for Mac?

Me? i'm using it with PC. I think it could be unrelated to anything i'm actually doing but more a glitch that switches the fields or replaces the data in them like what happened with Howard when he imports his music folder, i'm not seeing that but i have seen it switch the fields a little bit while editing. That's the last i'm saying on this topic but i guess keep an eye on it in future. Thank you very much for taking the time.

Howard's problem was apparently a completely different one, please see there:

So, let's come to your allegation that MP3tag switches the field contents.
Could you describe a scenario in which others who have never encountered this problem can reproduce it? Otherwise we would be chasing a mirage.

Never in the 10+ years I have been using mp3tag, on 25k audio files of various formats of mp3, m4a, ALAC, and FLAC, have I ever had two or more fields randomly change.

I would be much more inclined to believe that a converter or action that was used did not have the correct criteria for the desired source and/or destination applied. I would carefully review your set up of these tools for accuracy and correct them.