Converting 1 to 01

Is there some way I can either

  • apply one Action to all tracks that converts the track # from 1 to 01 or 2 to 02, etc. (and have it automatically skip over track #s 10+) or
  • have Convert Tag --> Filename always create two-digit track #s on the filename, even if the track # is one-digit
AMG/Amazon keeps making track #s one-digit, and I've created an action that adds a zero to a track #, but I can't apply it to two-digit track #s or else I get things like "010".

I'm really having difficulty figuring out regular expressions, so if someone could help me out here I'd be really thankful.

This has been answered already - use $num(%track%,2) with a Format values action or when doing Tag - Filename.

You can also use the Auto Numbering Wizard. There is an option to add leading zeros for single digit tracknumbers.

I'm sorry. I truly tried looking around for the answer before posting here. Still, I really appreciate the help. Thanks!