Converting %album% to ORIGALBUM Fails

I am attempting to copy the tag value in %album% to a new tag ORIGALBUM using Tag - Tag conversion.

Select Format String is configured as:


Format String: %album%

The conversion fails, Preview shows nothing, and nothing is changed.

Preview Output:
M:\FLAC\Classical_Artists & Compilations\Artists\Jacqueline du Pré\Jacqueline du Pré Concerto Collection\Boccherini Cello Concerto in B flat major, G482 - I. Allegro moderato [du Pre].flac
"" ->

Using an Action configured as above also does not work.

What have I gotten wrong?

The addressed field %album% does not contain any data.
Check the extended tags dialogue and see which fields there are in the file (Press Alt-T).

So now I have an ALBUM tag that the extended dialog says is populated but shows as empty on the main display. I can update the value using the Tag pane and get the main display to show the updated value, but none of the automation tools are working.

Does this apply also to the newly entered data?
If you want further diagnostics from the distance, then please supply:
a screenshot of the extended tags dialogue from a file that should have data in the ALBUM field but the tag panel etc. stay empty.
Then show us a screenshot of the automation function that you use.
And if all that does not reveal anything: supply a link to a test file.