Converting %ARTIST% names

Hello everybody,

Many tracks in my collection contains two or more artist names, always separated by commas, in %ARTIST% field, as following: Neil Diamond, Carol King.

Is there a way to convert %ARTIST% into Neil Diamond (i.e. first artist name), putting Carol King (i.e. second or more following artist names) into %ALBUMARTIST% field?

Thank you

Are you absolutely sure that you don't have ARTIST names with a comma INSIDE the name, like many group names (i.e. "Emerson, Lake & Palmer" or "Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young)?

No, it's not my case.

Try an action of the type "Guess value"
Source: $regexp(%artist%,'(.*), (.*)',$1==$2)
Target format string: %artist%==%albumartist%

It doesn't work.

I use the italian MP3Tag version and here you can find a screenshot of how I arranged your tip; probably I've misunderstood your suggestion...

"caratteri jolly" translates into "place holder character" with google translate ...
The action I suggested should be something like "import tag field" or "import data".

I've got the proper option ("Valori corretti" in italian)!

Thank you very much!


Just as a side note:
You can always switch the language in Mp3tag in Tools -> Options -> Language.
This way you can add such an action with the suggested english names and then switch back to your (Italian) GUI language.

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Thank you very much!

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