Converting btwn Traditional and Simplified Chinese

Hey everyone,

I've stumbled across interesting problem. Before I realized it was too late, I've converted a batch of files using the Convert Codepage function so that they are legible Simplified Chinese.

However, I'd like them in Traditional Chinese.

When I try the Convert Codepage function again, it gives me ?? instead of proper Chinese characters.

Any ideas?


Found this page using Gogle and I am interested in this topic too. I understand the Convert Codepage function is to apply the specific code table and save them in Unicode. Now is it able to further convert the Simplified Unicode (or simplified encoded) to Traditional Unicode by adding another line, using yet another conversion table?

Like many other languages, the "version" of the language has regional effects, a Simplified encoded mp3 originated from the Traditional region often yields no results in the Media Player Lyrics plugin - bit pain in the ass really :wink:

Could it be in the wish list? Thank you very much :music:

I think that goes beyond the capabilities of the convert codepage feature.

Thanks for the note Florian, Merry Christmas!! :slight_smile: