Converting Filename to Tag Help

Hello, I'm trying to populate some of my music files with better details. Right now the only real information on the song is in the file name. the file name contains the Genre, Artist, and Song title.

Here is what an example filename looks like:

[Trance] Eminence - Tanpopo [Monstercat Release] []

The first content in the brackets is the Genre, The second word is the artist name. The third word after the dash is the song title, the 2nd square bracket info is the publisher, and the very last box does not need to be kept.

The problem is, some songs I have do not contain the square bracket parts and is just the Artist - Song title.

Is there a way to convert the file name to tags, making sure these are tagged right ?

Use :mt_ftt: Filename - Tag and use the 2 types of fromat string:

[%genre%] %artist% - %title% [%publisher%] [%dummy%]

%artist% - %title%

I'm guessing I'm using the wrong thing here because I can only input one option and just the first option does not let me hit ok.

Your files have to be like the format in first option you mentioned otherwise it won't match and the OK button will be greyed out like the picture:

[Trance] Eminence - Tanpopo [Monstercat Release] []

Use the 2mask for a _FILENAME like:

Eminence - Tanpopo

Oh, okay, thanks. Final question. Is there a way to rather then having to manually select the all the files that are formatted like so, is there rather a way to do option 1 if song = this, or do option 2 if song = that?

Or must I do it like this?

Hit F3 and filter the files. This action will only be a once off so use these two filters:

  1. "%_filename%" MATCHES "^\[" Will match your _FILENAMES beginning with a '[' to match [Trance] Eminence - Tanpopo [Monstercat Release] []
  2. "%_filename%" MATCHES "^[\w]" to match the other types of files you have.

Thanks for your help! That worked!