Converting id3 tag version

I'm uploading apple lossless music files to pCloud. Only the song titles are showing up because pCloud only supports id3 tag version 2.3. I downloaded mp3tag to change my id3 tag version, but I cannot figure out how to use the app to do this. I am using mp3tag on a mac, and all of the advice I've read online refers to features that I do not see on my version of mp3tag. I do see that I can go into my preferences and change the tag versions, but I cannot figure out how to apply this to the files that I upload. I've played around with it for awhile and all of my files are still showing up on pCloud with song titles only. Thanks for any help with this.

AFAIK you have to load the files,
set the tag options to write ID3V2.3 tags

select the files
and save the tags again, e.g. with
⌘ S Save
If you have a column that shows _TAG then that should change to V2.3

A force save (without any change on the Tag Panel) can be done by holding the option key ⌥ when saving, i.e., ⌥⌘ S.

This still is not working for me. I need to change the tag version to 2.3 to upload them into pCloud, otherwise the album and artist info does not show. After uploading the album tracks into mp3tag, can you give me exact step-by-step instructions for what I need to do to convert them to v2.3? Everything I have tried has not worked so far. Remember I'm using mp3tag on a mac, and I'm unsure how to set the tag version to convert them. If you can post an image to show me where I go to set the tag version that would be great too.

Provided you have set MP3tag as described in the linked documentation to write V2.3 tags ..

  • select the files
  • force save the already present data again with ⌥⌘ S

That should be it.