Converting imposed symbols in Artist Field

My cd ripping program joins artists on the same track with a / symbol instead of ether a space or a comma or an &.

e.g. Sergei Nakariakov/Orchestre De Chambre De Lausanne/Jesús López Cobos

How can I change it to Sergei Nakariakov & Orchestre De Chambre De Lausanne & Jesús López Cobos or

Sergei Nakariakov, Orchestre De Chambre De Lausanne, Jesús López Cobos

The current format doesn't show in the track title as the / doesn't appear but as Sergei NakariakovOchestre De Chambre De LausanneJesús López Cobos.mp3


Load the files
Select the files.

Try an action (quick) of the type "Replace" for ARTIST.
Search string: /
Replace string: &
(plus the now required space characters).

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Thank you.

I thought I had to use the \ character eg /\ like I do on my photo renaming program to deal with such characters.

Your way worked mine didn't so I am very grateful for your quick response.