Converting Itune MPEG4


I've been trying to convert about 20 Itune purchases to MP3s. I've ripped the files to a CD and then ripped them back as MP3s. Everythings ok to that point.

When I use your software to fix the names of the files, it seems to work ok and then sometime later (it varies between minutes and days), the names mysteriously change. Sometimes they go back to a no name state and other times just some of the data is lost. In any even, I've spent way too much time trying to make this work.

Any thoughts (other than never buying songs from Apple again....)?




Sorry, I have no idea and moved your post to Off-Topic.


Why have I been moved to "Off Topic"? How are others supposed to pitch in on this if this has been moved? Surely others are converting Apple files too..... <_<

Also, perhaps you could give this more thougt.... do you really have no suggestions at all? For instance:

o am I using the software correctly?
o is there a second tag file embedded in an MP3 that I need to erase?
o is there a better way to convert MPEG 4s?

There must be some reason that this is happening.............. :frowning:


Are you sure not having any viruses/trojans or something like autobackup software installed?



It's a brand new pc with norton antivirus so no viruses. It only happens with the files that I had purchased from the Apple store over a number of months (on a previous PC). I just recently tried to convert them. I've ripped them to a cd twice and have the same problem. I think it has to do with the Apple format and something built into their tags.


WAH :frowning:


What software is used to burn the files?
What software to rip and encode them to mp3 again?
Do you play them with iTunes after changing them in Mp3tag?


I used iTunes to rip them to a CD (I think that is the only way I can do it...) on old PC.

I used Windows Media Player to rip back to the hard drive on the new PC. I have not played the songs in iTunes (although I would plan to eventually and on ipod.)

I've had this problem with MP3Tag, MP3 Filename Formatter and most recently with Ultra Tag Editor (on the same 40 or so songs.)

With the last tag editor, I thought I had solved the problem, thinking that it had to do with multiple tags overiding each other. Just when I thought everything was ok, the files started to change again. As of right now, the file names are ok but the artist names, album names and song names have been changed on some but now all of the songs (about 50% changed).

Only my own obstinence keeps me spending time on this. Why Apple insists on this format is beyond me. I'll have to buy songs elsewhere to avoid this format problem.

Thanks for you help.



I know this is an old post, however, I have just encountered the same problem and I am hoping someone has an answer. For the first time I have actually downloaded music from the iTunes store which is downloaded as MPEG4. Mp3tag was my savior software when I first discovered it, as I am very picky about how I tag my music. Is there no way to get this software to recognize MPEG4 from iTunes? It allows me to drag the content, however, everything is blank. HELP