Converting Multiple Artist Tagging On FLAC Files

I have files currently with "ARTIST" tags such as "Artist 1, Artist 2, Artist 3" on files that have multiple artists, instead of the separate ARTIST tags.

I know to convert them into three separate entries, I would open them up in mp3tag and use "\\" between them in the Artist field. It works as intended if I do them one by one when editing in the main window.

I figured I could create a simple replace action that would replace ", " with "\\" and that would separate the ARTIST tag into separate entries, but it doesn't work as intended. The tag won't "take" unless I highlight the file and open the extended tag menu and then click OK (after I run the action). When selecting multiple files and opening the extended tag menu, the tags don't separate and I'm left with"ARTIST: Artist 1\\Artist 2\\Artist 3" instead of the intended "ARTIST: Artist 1" "ARTIST: Artist 2" "ARTIST: Artist 3"

It's a strange bug that could probably be gotten around with some expressions, but I can't figure out how I'd do it. The comma would be the delimiter and the artists needing to be written to the separate ARTIST tags would between the commas. Any help?

Use the "Split field by separator" action

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Ahh that works. Thanks.

Is there a standard for FLAC tags dealing with multiple artists? I see "ARTISTS" as a tag option as well as the usual "ARTIST" tag.

I don't know where you see "ARTISTS" as a tag option.
I doubt that it exists in a virgin installation: it is probably there because you created a user defined field or vorbis comment.
It is likely that "ARTIST" will be recognized by many other applications but "ARTISTS" will not.

FLAC tags are often called "Vorbis Comments".
The standard for these tags seems fairly loose and flexible.
In general, the form is: field name=some content
"field name" can be anything you want. The issue is: "what field names will be read and/or written by any particular application?"
Mp3tag allows multiple vorbis comments with the same field name in a FLAC file.

In Mp3tag, %artist% and ARTIST are the internal names used for various other tagging standards.
see here: (see the note concerning VorbisComments)

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