Converting progressive JPG cover to something readable by Sony DAP


I'm trying to convert a large number of files with a progressive JPG art cover embedded that I'm not able to display on my Sony player (only "old" Sony player have this problem : ZX300, WM1A, WM1Z, the newest ZX507 and A100 do not have this problem as they are based on Android).

I've discovered the "adjust cover ..." feature in the Actions.
I was hoping that converting to JPG would convert the progressive to baseline file but it's not the case.

The Sony players are able to display PNG files embedded so I used the "adjust cover" feature to convert all files from an album and it worked BUT the album file size increased by 30 MB (for 14 songs). The image size is increased by more than 5 times.

Do you have any other idea to do this conversion easily ? I would like to avoid - removing/converting/re-embedding.

Or maybe the devs could add a progressive to baseline conversion option to the "adjust cover..." option ? :smiley:

Thanks for your help !



MP3tag is a tagging program but no graphics editor.
Even adjusting the cover size has only been added a very short time ago.

To get progressive jpegs into the baseline format there is a thread with some hints:

I do not think that there is really a way around an external treatment.

BTW: I think it is a poor implementation on Sony's side to forget the perfectly valid progressive format. So your initiative could just as well go to Sony and ask them if they could update their software on the players.
(I know: they won't.)

Thanks orenkhino!

I saw that thread before, was hoping for something easier.

I know that MP3tag is a tagging program but if they have a feature allowing to convert a picture from one format to JPG or PNG it should be possible without to much hassle to add a "progressive to baseline" conversion which will help a lot of Sony DAP users :slight_smile: ... and, yes I know, Sony should fix the problem and not MP3tag :wink:

Enjoy your week-end!

Currently, MP3tag does not convert file formats. jpg stays jpg and png stays png (and all the other formats are treated in the same way) - only the size can get adjusted.

Sorry to disagree, you can convert JPG to PNG, I have tested it and it works.
"Allows for resizing and/or changing the image format of embedded cover art."

Not only it works but my Sony reader can display the PNG.
Only issue is the size of the output, as I explained it earlier, each audio file is 2 MB bigger after conversion.

Yes, sorry, you are right in respect to format conversion.