Converting tag to filename and replace characters

Good night people.
I need your technical help.
The forum is very complete, but it is aimed at people who are already at an advanced level of knowledge. I'm still crawling. If you can clarify / help me, I appreciate it.
imagine that the tag of a song looks like this:
artist - music1 / music2 / music3

If I try to convert tag -> filename, using %artist% - %title%
the file name will be:
artist - music1 music2 music3.mp3
I would like it to have another separator character, such as § and like this:
artist - music1 § music2 § music3.mp3
But without changing the tag, just the file name. It's possible ? How would you do ?

Try instead:
$replace(%artist% - %title%,/,§)
%artist% - $replace(%title%,/,§)

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Friend, both solutions worked perfectly. Thanks so much for the help.

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