Converting underlines to spaces

Ok, I love Mp3tag, but have a question. When I have a song where it is named like this


I know haw to make it as the tag, but how do I take the above and make the underlines into space so that in the appropriate fields it will be like this.

artist name-title of the song

I guess artist_name-title_of_the_song.mp3 is your filename? Please be more exact about that, there are many ways a song can be "named".

If it is your filename:

Step by Step Solution:

Action: Replace
Original: _
Replace with : " " (without quotationmarks, just a single space)

Action: Case Conversion
Case Conversion: Mixed Case
Words begin from/after any of: -

Converter: Filename - Tag
Formatstring: %artist%-%title%

One Step Solution:
Action: Guess Values
Sourceformat: $caps($replace(%filename%,, ),- )
Formatstring: %artist%-%title%