Coping actions between groups

I would like to make an request:

It would be handy to be able to copy a step [or steps] of an action to another action group

When I add a new action to a group I first create a new separate group, for testing purposes. And the last time I did it, my test had around 10 entries [actions]. So after the testing faze, I had to once more create those actions in my old existing action group [because I want to do certain things with a single click / group and not two clicks / groups]. And aside from wasting time in situations like this, there is a possibility of an error- the second time I write [create] it I can simply miss some steps or for example forget to check the "only as a whole word" box [and thus messing up the whole multi-step process without even noticing it]

Right now I use Photoshop to do this right: a take a screen shoot of tested group and visually compare it withe the updated old one

Alternatively: there could be an option to merge [add up] two groups into one

It might be the easiest way to do this now in editing the MTA-File directly with a text-editor.

The problem is, they in MTA they all start with an unique number


And that it is done outside Mp3tag; ans so I still can make some mistakes, if it is not a simple case of OLD + NEW [like for example OLD + NEW + OTHER NEW + SOME OTHER OLD STUFF]

What I try to do is make action groups modular, each one performing a small, related subset of tasks. Typically, that will take one of two forms:

  1. perform the same task on multiple fields
  2. perform different tasks on one field

In the first, copying the same task is done within the action group, not between groups, and this is easily done with the Duplicate button in the Actions dialog. Then just change the field name.

Once I have these modular groups defined, it becomes a matter of combining them to perform larger tasks. In many ways this becomes the equivalent of copying tasks from one action group to another, but is more powerful. Use the Utils button in the Action Groups dialog to save and select these "groups of action groups".

First case is good but has a limited usage, as my experience shows

And as for the second case, I thank you for the suggestion [although I didn't get your description and had to refer to the on line help for understanding how the Utils button works works]

Unfortunately this is only a workaround. And what is more important, it cannot be used / managed efficiently [and error free] when you have tens of actions and sub-actions; because you just do not see what is selected [so making any changes would be a big problem]

It wasn't intended as a how-to. Glad you found the Help.

It's a workaround only if you don't wish to work within the confines of how the software was designed to work.

If you find yourself copying large numbers of actions between action groups, you're most likely creating a lot of redundant actions and a lot of action groups that will ultimately be very difficult to maintain in the future. The ideal would be to never have actions duplicated in other action groups, but to combine the groups in a logical manner to perform a task. While that's not always possible, if you give it some thought and some effort you can largely eliminate the need for wholesale duplication of actions.

This is not a big problem.
Once you have merged two or more parts of mta scripts together into one mta script text file, ...
you have to remove all UTF-8 BOM's () ...
but leave the very first one BOM only at top of the mta file ...
and save this mta file.
Then open the Mp3tag actions-groups list dialog, ...
select the new actions-group ... and open it for editing ...
select one action-line ... and without any changes ... press OK to close the dialog.
Now the numbering of the sections in the actions-group mta file has been sequentially readjusted by Mp3tag automatically.



Copying/moving between action groups would be very handy!

It would also be very handy if there would be a multi selection for copying or deleting!!!

Yes that would be problematic: if a user would have the same action in different groups, with time they would be errors coming out from differences, on the account that user would forget to update all of the instances

But what if the user could somehow put not a code of an action [copy an existing one] but an instruction to call on action [that is already existing somewhere else]

Then of course would arise the problem of deleting such [original] action- as those others action groups would suffer from the lack of that one single action. But that could be at averted by warning the user, that the deletion of a particular action would also affect some other [listing them for the user]

Now I would like to see all of that done automatically by Mp3tag; and not just the end part