copy a part of the line


hi , i have a question,this is what i want to do:
my title field is:"troggs-love is all around" the artist and album fields are empty,so i mean how to copy troggs to artist field and album field. so i go fom this: title field is:"troggs-love is all around"
artist field:
album field:

to: title field is:love is all around
artist field:troggs
album field:troggs
hope u get what i mean,sorry for my first question
i think i asked it wrong, my english is no so good
manny thanks for helping me.
greetings edwin

Tag editing
help pls with removing line

Hi Edwin,

next time please try to put your question in a readable form - it was very hard to read.

To copy the information from the filename to the tag, you can use the converter Filename - Tag with a formatstring

and to copy the info to the album field, just use the converter again with

as formatstring.

Best regards,