Copy a single group of fields

Hello. I have made several attempts to copy a single group of fields and I cannot find the function if it has one. What I want to do is just copy a group of campor in batch, for example, copy the song lyrics from one disk and paste them into another similar one without copying them one by one. The function copies all groups of fields, including artist, genre, track, etc., but in this case, I only want to copy the group of a single field. Another example is to copy only the Composer field without copying the rest of the fields, but copy the Composer field of the song group. If there are 16 songs, copy the Composer field only of those 16 songs as a group without copying the rest of the fields, the same with the lyrics field; copy only that field of those 16 songs without copying the rest of the fields.

I hope I make myself understood, I am using Google Translator, I don't speak English very well.

You can either copy a single field on a one-by-one basis (which would lead to 16 times copy&paste in your case) or copy the whole tag even for a set of files and paste that set to a similar set of files where the first target file gets the tag from the first source file, the second target file from the second source and so on.

You cannot select a "column" and past that to other files.
The only way around it would be an export via text file but that would particularly tricky in case of the lyrics as they usually contain line feeds and carriage return characters which would indicate a single record for MP3tag. You would have to get rid of those in the export.

So I think the only way around is to either risk it to copy the whole tag or take the burden and do it one-by-one

Thank you very much for the reply.

It seemed to me that the function was not in the program, I looked everywhere. I did try the options you mentioned, doing it one by one, copying the complete set of labels and exporting. In this case I did it manually one by one since there are only 16 songs, but I also wanted to recover the lyrics from some mp3 files. It turns out that I am migrating my mp3 collection to flac and some time ago, I took the trouble to manually add lyrics and composers to those mp3 files, but some tags are wrong such as genre, year, etc. Now that I am storing in flac, my intention was to recover those letters that took me so much work in those days. With 16 songs there is no drama, the matter is complicated by doing it with complete discographies such as those of Bruce Springsteen, King Krimson, etc. That's why it was my intention to recover a certain group of tags to save the work of re-adding letter by letter and composer by composer.

I hope that this function can be added in the future, in the meantime, I will focus on the lyrics of the most important albums.

Thanks again for responding, greetings!!

THe easiest way would have been to copy all the tags from the source files and paste them to the target files - it would not matter if they have the same file format.
But as that bird has flown ...

Pehaps the other way round would work:
As you have the better data for several fields in the target (flac) files: create an export that gets all the fields that you want to keep as being more up-to-date. Leave out the fields that you know have better data in the source files. Do not forget to include the filename in each record.

Now copy&paste the tags from the source fields to the target fields. This would transfer esp. those tricky fields like UNSYNCEDLYRICS.

Then import the data from the export into the target files.

This would relieve you from the tedious task to copy field by field for file by file.