Copy Action from one ActionGroup to another

I wonder if it is possible to copy an action to another action group. If you build action groups the share some of their functionality/actions that would be a real time saver...

Currently, it is not possible to copy an entire action (including the used field) from one action group into another.

You can copy then content of the source action ("Format string", "Replace Original", "Replace with"), create a new action in your target action group and paste the content into it.

Yes, I know - that's how I do it... but but unfortunately this is very tedious:

repeat 3 times {
  open source action group
  open soure action
  click on edit field + ctrl-c
  close both source action and action group
  open target action group
  open target action
  paste field content

Would be way easier to select one (or more) actions in your source group and select "Copy actions...", open your your target group and click "Paste actions..."

If you have a set of actions that you use repeatedly, then it may by worthwhile to save this set as a separate action group and tick it when you execute the other action(s) of which that set of actions should have been part of.
Like that it would be easier to maintain them if you have to modfiy this set. Instead of doing the same modification n times, you only have to modifiy them once.
It's all a question of workflow.

Been there, doing that.
But then I had some 20 action groups and I kept forgetting to tick all the boxes needed for my workflows - which then left me wishing for a way to group some ticked action groups to some kind of "workflow group"...
My workflows being mainly "Standard Album", "Various Artists Album" and "Audiobook", so they share a lot of their functionality.
But we can consider us lucky to have such a sophisticated tool like Mp3tag.

You can save those special groups as dedicated configurations.
See the "Utils" button at the bottom of the actions dialogue.

Edit: the button is called "Presets"

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From the documentation:

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Thanks a lot - will try that asap :grinning:

@ohrenkino @LyricsLover
Thank you very much for this great tip! Works like a charm. You never stop learning even if you use Mp3tag for more than a decade... :wink:
Btw. is there a way to delete such a preset other than deleting the corresponding mte file?

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It would be an MTG file in the actions folder of the configurations/data folder.
MTE files contain export scripts and can be found in the export folder.
But yes, you would have to detele the MTG file.
The function File>Open Configuration folder should be helpful to locate those files.

Of course it's an MTG file... :man_facepalming: