Copy all info from one file to another

I have some audio book files where each chapter is a separate mp3. Only difference I set is the "Track" number. I would like to know if it's possible to copy the file info (Cover art, Title, Artist, Album, Year, Genre, etc.) from one file to the other. Currently I end up doing a lot of copy and pasting and figure there must be an easier way.

You know that you can copy all tags from one file with CTRL + C, then select as many target files as you want and press CTRL + V to paste all the tags into all your selected target files in one step?
You just have to adjust the track number afterwards.
One possibility for this step is the Auto-numbering wizard with CTRL + K

I was hoping to do those fields all at once rather than one field at a time.

You can copy & paste ALL the fields (=tags) at once.
1.) Select your "source" song which already have all the tags you want to copy.
2.) Press CTRL + C
3.) Select all your "target" songs
4.) Press CTRL + V

All the tags from your source song will be duplicated/pasted to all your selected target songs at once.

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