Copy and replace actions for tag field with multiple values


There are instances when I’d like to tag various artist alums with one artist but preserve the detailed artist information in a custom tag (TRACKARTIST). After ripping, the artist fields have multiple artists separated by “\\”. I wish to copy this information to TRACKARTIST with a “;” delimiter and then manually change the artist tag.

When I use “format value” to copy artist to trackartist, only the first artist copies. If I try to replace the \\ with ; prior to the copy, the replace operation leaves me with only the first artist.

For the various actions, it appears that %artist% references only the first artist when there is more than one. Is there a way to reference each of the various artists?

More generally, any suggestions for how I can accomplish my objective?



For anyone else interested, my solution was to use action "merge duplicate fields" to combine the multiple artists into one artist field and then copied to trackartist.