Copy artist in front of title with space-space

What would be the secret formula to do the following:

please see screenshot below; I would like copy artist in front of title and then in title field have name of artist and title separated with space-space. Just like the 1st line; so the 2nd line would look like this:


artist (would remain the same)

I tried to figure this out myself but I give up.. Many Many thanks in advance ! Oh and a Happy New Year 2022 !

Use Convert Tag-Tag:
Field: TITLE
Format string:


Please be aware that it is not really possible to make it undone.
If one of your artists has a - character in its name like "Olivia Newton - John" you can't split your title again by space-space, because there are several space-space then.
The same is valid, if your existing title already contains space-space.

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Thank you very much. Yes I was thinking about undo option.. so just in case (before I apply this change) I will copy title field in any empty field. Then I can easily just copy it back.

... or use a better/most likely unique separator like an underscore (as I hardly ever find that in titles).