Copy/drag from file list not working as expected (Mac)

Not sure whether to use Bug Reports or Mac category!

MP3Tag Version 1.7.4 (75)
MacOS Monterrey 12.6.1 (21G217)

If I select multiple rows or columns in the file list and copy, then paste into another app (or drag the selection), I do not get every column's data in tab-delimited format as I would expect. Instead I get only some columns' data, separated by spaces.

Worse, if I paste into a spreadsheet (Numbers), I only get one row's data! Or if I drag them, I get some weird button that plays the file (I think it actually embeds the audio file into the spreadsheet?). I should get the copied/dragged rows' file list data dropped into the spreadsheet table, as text.

Either way this makes it very hard to paste the data into a spreadsheet, for example.

You have to use the Export function to have the tag info copied out to a file, usually in a format like csv. Then you can open that in Wxcel and have te selected data available in columns and rows.

It's good to have that as a workaround, thanks. But, the Copy command could also do the expected thing, and save all those steps. :slight_smile:

If you use copy and paste in macOS, it's up to the target app to decide which contents from the pasteboard take priority. Mp3tag provides a variety of representations of the files you're copying:

  • file promises for copying in, e.g., Finder or other file-management related apps
  • file URLs for apps that take URLs
  • a textual representation that is created using a format string that is configurable via Preferences → Export → Copy Format

Regarding Numbers: I don't know how to make it paste into separate columns (I'm not a Numbers user). A quick test showed that copy-/pasting tab-delimited data from a plain text file also does not separate it into different columns. Do you know how to make this work?

However, pasting to a CSV file or using File → Export... as indicated by @MotleyG works (you can also drag&drop the CSV file).

Well, the source app is responsible for providing data in whatever formts it can, and the target app decides which of those to use.

Anyhow, I did not know about the preferences setting! Thank you for that info. I will at least be able to get the data out, even if it isn't as straightforward as just being able to copy & paste the data that I see in the file list. It's a lot quicker to set up the columns there than to type the format string in the preferences panel. (Apple's Music app has definitely set a precedent for my expectations.)

(As for Numbers, it does its best to interpret raw text, and temporarily shows a button that allows you to adjust how it does things, between fixed-width fields and columns delimited by various characters. I do not know why it is only taking the first row of pasted data though, that is pretty clearly a bug in Numbers. But, I can paste into a text document in TextEdit and then into Numbers.)