Copy external Action to MP3tag actions

I have found a useful action via a GITHUB project that I would like to implement via MP3tag however am unable to figure out how to copy the code for this action from GITHUB to MP3tags actions can someone please assist? Or is this not even possible? :huh:

Note: The Mp3tag help forum is here. The only reliable and trustworthy source of Mp3tag related code created by users is here within the Mp3tag forum.
How does the action code look like?
Do you now how to create an action resp. a group of actions?


From what I've seen here at the forums, I wouldn't stress this point too hard. Sometimes the code shared here is a complete mess :slight_smile:

MyAlteredEgo, can you post a link to this project? It's easier then to give directions.

Kind regards
– Florian

I do realize that this was not your intent however your response does come across very short.. This is not a criticism just an observation as I know from reading your responses to other people that is just how you respond in general direct and too your point without sugar coating or mixing words.

Yes this is the help forum and what I am trying to do is use MP3Tag to label my files for use in other programs/uses the way that it would seem to be intended. Such as /t/18439/1 is something in my mind along the same vain where someone has created code to manipulate their files so that it functions better in 3rd party software.

I have sent you a PM with a link to this project so you can access it yourself..I did not post the link in the forums directly as I am trying to be respectful and not share someones work without their permission in an alternate open forum than the one that they have already shared it in.