Copy Fields

I'm trying to figure out how to copy fields. My Sonos player does not support Album Replay gain, but does support Track Replay Gain.

Is there a way to copy the Album Replay Gain feild to a new Track Replay Gain, so that when i am done, I have both an Album and a Track replay gain field with the same value?

I've looked al through the software and have searched here and cannot find this answer. i apologize if it is obvious and i have missed it.

Thanks, Pete

I should add that i know how to create the appropriate field in extended tags. i do not know how to copy the value from one to another.

It doesn't apply, but I have also figured out renaming fields, so I could rename album to track, but this is not what I want to do.

Digging a little deeper, i think that i will do this in "Convert>Actions". I've figured out how to set up some actions, ie cover extraction, but not create and copy field values.

Any tips would be appreciated.

thanks, Pete

Figured this out, using Action: "Format Value".

I suggest that you create a dummy field (some field you don't use for other reasons) and then copy the track replaygain value to that field as a holder. This way when SONOS eventually deals with track and album replaygain values, you can simply copy the track gain value back with a few mouse clicks rather than rerunning replaygain on all your files. Also, you might want to also do the same thing with track peak and album peak values. Not sure exactly, but those tags may be used by SONOS as well.

edit: I'm surprised SONOS doesn't deal with these correctly. Squeezebox products have an option called smartgain. If I'm playing an entire album it automatically uses album gain value. if I'm playing a playlist with tracks from different albums, the players automatically use track gain.

Thanks for the idea. Makes me wish I had track gain data. However, when I ripped my music, I tagged only Album Replay gain. The smartgain sounds really cool and useful. I'd use it if I could.

Thanks, Pete

oh well, if you can use track gain in the future on Sonos or elsewhere it will easy enough to use foobar2000 or dbpoweramp to create new replaygain tags on all your files without reripping. Although, frankly, like you, I prefer album gain most of the time. In fact, I use mp3tag to convert Itunes soundcheck values to replaygain album values so that my IPOD uses album gain info (since it, like SONOS, can only use one volume adjustment).