Copy Filename to comment (before renaming file) - how?

I'd like to save the original filename into %comment% before renaming the file with my scheme.
The comment-Field already has a text string which should stay there so that the filename should be appended to this text.
Can this be done?


And, of course: Thank you for this great program, I use it for years together with foobar2000.

Have a look at the FAQs
and use as contents for comment %_filename% or %_filename_ext% as you prefer it.

Thank you for the fast reply, Ohrenkino. :slight_smile:
You were faster than my edit in which I precised that the old %comment% -value should not be wiped out, sorry.

Then append the value to
%comment% _ %_filename%

Yes, works like a charm, thank you again!

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