copy filename to title and artist

who can help me on the command needed to copy part of the filename to title and artist.

e.g. FILENAME = 01 - Come Together - Beatles to TITLE Come Together ARTIS Beatles

Many Thanks!

use the converter Filename - Tag
Enter a mask with variables for the fields. Enter %dummy% for any piece of data you don't want.
For your example:
%dummy% - %title% - %artist%
of if you also want the leading number as track number:
%track% - %title% - %artist%

Gee, that's fast and simple (when you once know it :rolleyes: Many thanks!

but when I try to do this, I select a file and when I select that option, the ok button is greyed out / disabled.

Hi today-joiner Bit Hacker.
Hm ... what did you learn about disabled buttons in dialogs?
What circumstances can cause a button to be greyed out?
Look at the given file name and look at the given format string.
Make a visual comparison of the format of both strings.
Does the format match?


Never mind. Solved the problem. :slight_smile: Yes, the filename only had 'Artist' and 'Title' in it but the format string had %album% tag in it, which was causing the OK button disabled.