Copy filename to title, removing leading numbers

How would I do this with Mp3Tag?

My filenames are 01 Title Of Song -- can go up to three digits if a multidisc, e.g 101 / 201, etc

So... I need to remove ANY number characters, plus the leading space... and copy what's left to the Title field.


Try Convert>Filename-Tag
Mask: %track% %title%

Also, see the section in the documentation about first steps

Thank you!

I managed what I wanted via a two step process:

  1. Convert > Filename-Tag
    Mask: %title%
    -- this puts my filename into the title field (still with leading track number)

  2. Actions > Actions (quick) > Replace with regular expression
    Field: _TAG
    Regular Expression: ^\s*[0-9]+\s*

Numbers gone from title field!

You could have done it in a single step:
Try Convert>Filename-Tag
Mask: %dummy% %title%

I wonder why you wanted to throw away existing data....

Thanks for the %dummy% tip -- that's much simpler.

Not throwing away anything -- my filenames are for sequential listing in file browser: [track no.] [Title] -- I'm keeping those as they are.

But obviously, I don't want the track number in the Title tag.

I then use the track number wizard to populate the Track No. tag.

... yeah sorry, that's makes it sound like I want to get rid of the numbers from the filename... not what I meant!

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