Copy 'filename' to 'title' ?

I have some albums where the tag is there 01 - song.mp3 but to the left where 'title' - 'artist' - 'album' they are empty.I hate to have to copy/paste every single one, one by one.
Can it be auto done somehow?

Importing tags for filenames and directory names can be done by using the :mt_ftt: Converter > Filename - Tag.

The basic concept is the notion of a format string which describes the structure of the name to import from. The format string is built of either standard text (e.g., Music), placeholders (such as %artist%, %title%, ...), or backslash characters \ that denote directory structures.

Here is an example that imports tags from a file name 02. Four Ton Mantis.mp3

%track%. %title% Please notice how the format string completely resembles the structure of the file name. 

It's also possible to import information from the directory structure of the file path where the backslash character is used to mark the different directories. For example, the information from the path Amon Tobin[2000] supermodified\02 - For Ton Mantis.mp3 can be imported using %artist%[%year%] %album%\%track% - %title%
Of course, sometimes it's also needed to omit some information that should not imported to the tag. This can be done using the %dummy% placeholder for the uninteresting part of the file path.