copy IDV1 to IDV2

Hi Guys, newbie here,
having problems with my pcdj software, they say problem is tag reading and that I need to sync IDV1 & IDV2 how do I do that and is it possible on this program?
If so has anybody any help instructions, also can I do lots of file at once, I have 22,000 tracks.

Many thanks

What does the tag column display on your files?

By default Mp3tag writes ID3v1 and ID3v2. So you can just use "File > Save tag" on your files and it writes both tags to your files.
Test on a small set of files first.

It's likely that your tags are stored in Unicode but whatever program you are using can only read tags stored in ASCII. MP3tag can fix the problem. See the following sticky forum topic:

Problems with ID3v2 tags in Unicode format?, Tags not (correctly) read by other programs?

It worked for me. I am using Windows Media Player 9 - the latest is WMP 11 - and I was getting "C00D1199: Cannot play the file" errors. I cannot upgrade to a later version of WMP because I'm using it at work and nagging the IT department for entertainment purposes is, needless to say, frowned upon. As it stands, I'm the only person in the whole office, other than perhaps the on-site IT person, who has WMP version 9 or better or Firefox.