Copy info out of angled brackets in a filename to a tag [ ]

Hi i have files named in the following format
[catalog #] artist - album
i tried doing guess values
"[%catalog #%] %artist% - %album%"
unfortuately it doesn't work i think because it thinks to brackets are programing characters?
I am trying to get Catalog # into the catalog # field please help.

'['%catalog #%']' %artist% - %album%
(Test it with Convert>Filename-Tag)

Doh my bad the data i wanted was actually in a folder name which is why it wasn't working. I didn't actually need the quotes in the end, i copied tag to tag, replaced the bits of path i didn;t need with blank then could do guess values with [%catalog #%]

you can get data from the folder with e.g.

ah you are a life saver. that works beautifully. didn't know you could do %dummy% in the bits where there is some text you don't need there