Copy/Move files and more

Hello Florian.
First, excellent job on the first beta, thank you for all your hard work!

I am sure most of this is already on your roadmap but I wanted to mention few features that would be most welcomed.

  1. Copy File(s)
  2. Move File(s)
  3. In dialogs where format is created (Album - Artist - Title.. etc), add a "Browse" button for the path portion so it doesn't have to be typed in manually (/Users/username/Music...)
  4. Add "Service" to Folders called "Open with Mp3tag" (when you right-click a Folder and go to Services

Again, thank you for the beta!

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is already available to me.

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Yes, it's available for supported file types.

However, I think @tfischer is referring to the "Services" menu that is available from the context-menu of folders (it's named "Dienste" in the German localization). This way it'd be possible to open folders from the Finder context menu.

For now, drag'n'drop is the way to go there.

This is now available with Beta 7.

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Thank you Florian. Works like a charm :slight_smile:


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