Copy mp3 idv3 tags to flac tags

Hi all,

I'm planning to re-rip a large number of CDs to FLAC, which are currently encoded with MP3 and have well-organized and clean IDV3 tag data. I want to use the same tag data which I have in the MP3 files for my new corresponding FLAC files.

I know I can export my MP3 IDV3 tags to a flat file (one line per file), then import into the FLAC files using Convert | Text File - Tag.

Is there an easier way or a tool to copy tag data from MP3 IDV3 to FLAC tags?

Thank you.


Hi Mark,

you can use Mp3tag's :mt_export: Export feature with, e.g., txt_taglist as export configuration to export the tags to a flat file or just load both your MP3s and your FLACs and use [Ctrl+C]/[Ctrl+V] to copy/paste the tags from the MP3s to the FLACs.

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Thank you for the quick reply! This works great. :smiley:

I would like to pursue the question of mass copying of tags a little further. The solution of -c [copy tag] and -v [paste tag] works well on a small scale, but it is very cumbersome when one has > 1000 albums because it is necessary to be absolutely sure that the numbers and orders of tracks are identical, otherwise there will be a disastrous mis-match.

I have tried exporting tags to a flat text file, but I found it very difficult to get the import format correct for the Convert / Text File - Tag command. Would it be possible to provide standard import filters that match the standard export formats provided in the Export as csv or as txt_taglist commands? Perhaps they exist and I don't know how to find them.

But, on a larger scale what I would really like to do is to search an exported tag text file by, say, %artist%, %album%, %track% and then transfer the rest of the tag information to the new tag. The organisation of my library is \%artist%\%album%\%track% - %title% but for historical reasons the album names and track numbers don't always match - e.g. I may have multiple discs for an opera in separate directories for my iTunes files but in a single directory for my flac files. Performing the search described will copy tags when everything matches, leaving a much smaller number of tag copies required when things don't match.

Is there any way of setting this up? Any suggestions would be gratefully received.


If you copy tags from MP3 to FLAC, be sure to re-calculate any Replay Gain Tags — Replay Gain and peak values are different for FLAC files.

Also, be sure not to blindly copy anything that might have a different meaning. For instance, the Album Artist is often stored in TPE2 frames in ID3v2 tags, which would blindly copy over to »BAND« (the name Mp3tag uses) into a FLAC file, while you would surely want it to be »ALBUMARTIST« or »ALBUM ARTIST«!

There might be others to watch, so at least some checking is needed :slight_smile:

Huh? Please explain in detail, is there a different algorithm used for FLAC files than David Robinson has once defined?


Thank you for the advice. In practice, I am really only interested in transferring the track title information for matching artist, album & track number - other fields are purely incidental. The reason is that, for classical music, the freedb database is full of errors, whereas Gracenote - used by iTunes - is better, though far from perfect.

Originally, I ripped my large library of CDs to m4a files using iTunes for use on various iPods. I edited many of the track titles to remove errors and to produce convenient file names. Now, I use Squeezebox and want to archive my CDs permanently in a lossless format using a secure CD ripper (dPoweramp) which can't access Gracenote. I don't want to lose my investment in correcting the m4a titles. Hence the problem. I have tried matching and copying tags for one sub-directory structure - about 600 tracks. Despite very careful preparation, the whole thing went wrong because I could not get the directories & tracks in an identical sort order due to problems with upper/lower case, accented letters, etc.

It is much easier to handle large sets of alphanumeric fields outside a tag editor or similar program - e.g. in Excel or a database. Hence, my goal to to do this and then re-import the corrected tags using either the lookup method or the Text File - Tag conversion.