Copy Paste Image from Firefox is not longer possible

Since I've updated Mp3tag to v2.96, I cannot copy-paste image to the cover using Firefox. The paste cover is grayed-out. Google chrome still works, though.

Thanks for reporting! This is a regression from 2.95 which was already present in the beta versions that led to v2.96.

I'll look into it and keep you posted regarding a fix.

I am having the same issue and I apologize that I created a separate topic as I did not see this one! Thanks!

I love mp3tag and thanks Florian for being amazing at responding. Is there a way to get 2.95 again until this is resolved (or did I just miss it?). Thank you!

Hi I have used mp3 tag for some time and when using it this afternood I was invited to update to V2.96. So I did.
Then I tryed to copy album art (from Amazon UK) like i have done many times before but I could not then paste the artwork onto the selected tracks. I read that this area has been updated in this release, could I have found a bug?
Saving the picture off amazon to the folder where the MP3 were and then adding a cover with the insert dialog box, worked a treat, but it took several steps I never had to bother with before.

Russ Peters

I've fixed the issue with Mp3tag v2.96a.

Thank you all for taking the time to report this issue!

Thank you for the fix.

I'm running Firefox as well and can't copy and past from Soundcloud, Mixcloud, or Facebook any more. I CAN however copy the thumbnails in google?
I can also post the image url from Firefox to Google Chrome and copy from there to MP3 tag.
That's as far as my troubleshooting has gone.

Are you using the latest version or are you experiencing this with v2.96?

Yes. I am using 2.96. I can only direct copy and past from google thumbnails or by copy and pasting the URL into Chrome.

You have to update to 2.97.

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