Copy single tag item to multiple cells

I need some help. For some reason i can't seem to work out how to copy a single tag (eg. Artist) and copy to other cells in the same column without affecting other columns. so for example i have some untagged tracks. I put in the artist name on the line for track 1 of the album and then do copy tag and paste tag to populate for all the other tracks. Then after it's worked i can see that in the track column all of the tracks have been renamed to track 1. I checked the help and i can't find it. Is it possible?

If you want to set the data for several files where several fields should get the same data, here is a suggestion:
Select the files.
Enter the data (e.g. ARTIST, ALBUMARTIST, ALBUM, YEAR) in the tag panel fields.
As soon as you have entered the data in the last field, press Ctrl-S (or the save button in the toolbar) to save the modification.
The data gets written to the selected files.
All fields that show <keep> remain unaltered.

PS: to get that defined: a "tag" is the total of all the metadata. In MP3tag the tag is structured into fields. So if you copy a "tag", then the complete data from all fields is copied - and if pasted inserted as a whole to the selected files. You then really get a tag copy.


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