Copy songs off iPod

COPY SONGS OFF IPOD :astonished:

If you want to copy someones iPod!

You will know if you have iTunes/iPod that they can only work together and you can only have one library of music per iTunes. In other words, if you tried hooking up your friends iPod to your computer, your iTunes will tell you that it already belongs to another computer's iTunes. Then it will ask if you want to delete all contents and sync your music onto it.
But hey, this isnt what we want to do. We want to copy his contents.

Here's the solution.
If you browse to the music iPod's directory -
here is where you will find all of the mp3s stored. (This is a hidden folder, so unhide it first).
But yup, all the folders, as well as the file names, are all jumbled up! How can you find a song when it's named like this?

This Action Group below will sort it out for you.

It works in two stages...

Firstly, it corrects the file name of the file by doing this -
FILENAME = "%track% - %title%"
Example: 01 - The Hollow.mp3
So as long as your mates music collection contains these two tags, the track number and the title (which he definitely should if he's using an iPod) then this will work.

Secondly, this part off the action will put all of this music into the right place, where you tell it to go!
The '%artist%' and '%album%' tags are used, so this means that you can use this action on the whole of your friends collection with one-single-click! Easy huh?
It will move it to the directory you tell it by doing this -
DIRECTORY = "C:\Documents and Settings\USER\My Documents\My Music\MP3s\%artist%\%album%"
(Please change this according to where you want the mp3s saved, this is purely an example).
So again, as long as this music collection contains the artist and album tags, then this will work too.

You can check if your mate's songs contain the correct tags, track, title, artist, and album by opening one of his songs in MP3TAG and seeing if the tags are filled out.
If they are, which they should be, this will sort all you sorting problems out.

So now instead of having either:
No songs from your friend
A jumbled up mess of folders and songs to which you can't understand...
You have a whole library worth of sorted and properly named songs!

CAUTION: Before running this Action, please copy the iPods library "iPod:\iPod_Control\Music" to your computer first! If you run this action without copying it first, you will simply move his whole library to your computer and rename, not copy it! This will leave your mate without any music on his iPod.

So pick any place on your PC (eg: C\Temp\Music) and copy it there. Once there, open MP3TAG and drag that music folder into MP3TAG.
Once you have done this, run the action and sit back and watch.

What do I do with the Action once I have downloaded it?
Put it here -
"C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Application Data\Mp3tag\data\actions" (This is a hidden folder, so unhide it first)(Again, this is purely an example, use your logon name instead of 'USER').

You're done. Have fun.


Copy_iPod_Library.mta (170 Bytes)

If you download this Action, could you please let me know if it works or if you run into any problems? Because I haven't actually used this, just tested it on one file.