Copy specific tag between files


I would like to know if it is possible to copy a specific tag
from files in
to files in
C:\Users\user\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music

NB. File names and directory structure in both locations are the same.

You can export a tag-field to a text-file and later import it again with an action "Import from Textfile" or with the equivivalent converter-action.

The export function doesn't export iTunes tags such as ITUNESCATALOGID, only common tags.

Well, I never purchased any music from iTunes and don't use iTunes either, so I have no experience with itunes-tags.
But if Mp3Tag can read this tag why should it not be able to export the content?
If Mp3Tag cannot read this tag why would you expect to that it is able handle this?

What does your export script look like?
You are right that the scripts that are included in the installation only deal with common fields. If you have special requirements you have to edit the export scripts.