Copy tag to clipboard not working

Menu: 'Edit > Copy' or
right-click highlighted file > 'Tag Copy'

All three do not work: no data is copied to the clipboard.
Tried with mp3, Ogg Vorbis & FLAC.

This seems like a bug to me.
Or am I doing something really stupid?

Incidentally, when I have Word 2003 open and 'Edit > Office Clipboad' selected, I get the following message pop up via my task bar: "Item not Collected: Format not supported by Office Clipboard".

As far as I understand this function, it's intended to be used to copy tags to
another file inside of Mp3tag, not to copy text data to another application.

Highlight a file in Mp3Tag > right-click > Tag Copy --> the context help displayed at the bottom of Mp3Tag says: "Copy text-selection or the tag of the selected file onto the clipboard".

This suggests it should copy the tag info onto the clipboard thus allowing it to be pasted to an app like Notepad.

Frank is correct.
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Ok, thanks.
Shame about not being able to copy the tag data via the standard clipboard format, cos that would be very useful.

Surely it could be done right? Maybe allow copying of data to the clipboard in the standard format, but only allows tags to be pasted into via the custom clipboard format (49546)?

I know it's a bit more complicated, but why not create an export configuration which exports the needed stuff to a text file and then do a copy and paste from there?