Copy Tags from 48kbs files to 128kbs files

I have a large number of files approx 5500 in 128kbs All arranged in folders by Artist then Album.
I convert them all to 48kbs then found I was missing some tags, song titles artists, album names etc. I cleaned them, found and tagged all of them, now I have all the tags. It was more than I realized.
I should have done the 128kbs first and then converted them to 48kbs but too late.

Question: Is there any way I can transfer the tags from the 48kbs files to the 128kbs ones without having to start over with the 128kbs files?

I do not now whether the copy/paste function of tags (open the list context menu and execute the functions copy tag and insert tag) works that way. Give it a try.

Off the track: why would you convert tracks to such a low bitrate? even 128kbit files sound shallow. So unless you have recorded telephone calls I would never recode files to such low bitrates. But that is just my personal opinion.
On the other hand I am always eager to learn what applications others have.

You can only open one window at a time so you have to open one directory, copy it close it open the other and paste it. Takes a long time.
As far as bit rate its obvious you are still young and have good hearing, when I was in my 20's I would agree but no 2 people have the same hearing and the older you get the less high freq you hear, between the tinnitus 128 sounds great and 48 sounds acceptable. Just wait you will get there someday. Especially if you listen to your music loud, faster than I did.


You can add multiple directories to the program with drag&drop or explorer context menu.
You can also append the directories to the file list by holding down CTRL key.

yes I tried that but I changed the dir structure of the 48kb dirs making more directories to put each album in its own dir which many were not before, also I combined some under Oldies. So they wouldn't match.
Doesn't matter now I spent last night doing it the hard way, all over again. However Next time I will remember to keep it in form in the 128kb dir. I'm doing this for the wife for her Mp3 I don't listen to music much myself since the late 60's.

thanks for the suggestions.

You know what I mean, aren't you?


You know what I mean, aren't you? I think you meant:
You know what I mean, don't you?

yes but the directories and their formats were different. Some Albums were not in the proper directory. Their all straightened out and agree now.

Yes, my English is as good as Google translator is.

This should be no problem, because Mp3tag's list view provides a flat list over all files, which can reside in many folders distributed over all the storage disks in your system or network.

It might be a problem to distinguish a set of files visually from where they came in, but you can define a column, which displays the filepath, and so you are on the safe side.

For the next time you can learn to copy the entire Tag from one file to another file via Mp3tag Clipboard.
Select a file, then press [Ctrl+C], select another file, then press [Ctrl+V].
Now you have copied the entire Tag, containing all tag fields, from one file to another file.
Mp3tag also supports such stamping process for n:n and 1:n relations.


I will try that tomorrow. Thanks
No problems with your English, I lived in Germany 2 times, Once while I was in the Military in the early 60's I lived in a hotel in Feldberg for 2 years, befor that I traveled all over to most major and minor cities, then again in the 80's in Berlin to hire and train employees for an IC test house for 3 years. Now I work at home testing Ic's for a small German company in Emmering near Munich, Just myself here and 4 guys over there. I was over there in 2008 for our 25 year party and visited some friends in Berlin also. I have many German friends. Your English is far better than my German.

I am sorry to hear that you suffer from tinnitus.
Just the other day they featured on German television a report on a new way of treating tinnitus.
might be worth for you to have a look at it.
The page is in German but I take it that your German is not too rusty to get the gist of it.

Thanks for the link. I am going to see if any Dr's in the US provide treatment. It seems Europe always gets medical procedures way before the US. My wife got her first soft contacts in Germany several years before they were approved in the US, when we came back her Dr wouldn't even treat her anymore because she had soft contacts.

BTW If you use Google Chrome, when you load a web page in another language it asks you if you want to translate it and the translation is very very good from German to English.