copy tags from one file to another


I'm having trouble copying a tag from one file to another. I read about it in the FAQ, but it does not seem to work.

I highlight the file with the good tag.
Hit C
Then I highlight the new file
I hit V

It says "Do you really want to paste the content of the clipboard as the new tag of the specified file?"

When I click YES, I get the following "Saved Tag in 0 of 0 files".

Also, I noticed that the Tag type of the "good" file is (APEv2) and all the others are ID3v2.3. This doesn't seem to matter. I can't copy those tags either. I was just curious. Whats the difference?


enable the reading/writing of the ape-tag/id3v2, extras->options->tags>ape, mpc ...


Thanks. That did the trick.