Copy tags from one to other except some selected tags

There is a track list in which one track is filled in completely as it should be, and the rest have no tags. I want to copy tags from this track to other tracks without touching Track, Title and etc. How can I do this with Mp3tag tools?

I've created a short video that shows in detail what I'm asking about.

I would use the tag panel:
Select all files, including the already tagged file.
Now use the dropdown list for each field that you want to set e.g. ALBUMARTIST, ARTIST, ALBUM, YEAR and select the data from the template file.
Leave those fields at keep that should not be modified or set.
Press Ctrl-S to save the modification.

It ain't easy if you have multi record in genre field for example

It would still work if you copy the complex GENRE and paste the data for that field and then you use the dropdown-list method.

or you rename the files so that they feature the track and title and then you import that individual data with Convert>Filename-Tag after you have copied and pasted the whole tag to all the files.

I agree with that, but your method is inconvenient because it forces me to do a lot of extra manipulations. So we would need to request similar additional functionality for Ctrl+C > Ctrl+V.

And what would you do until the feature is implemented (if ever)?

I use a different editor in cases like this.

As there could be other users who have the same problem:
which editor has these features?

It's the MuzCat 2.4
The principle of working with the list as in MS Excel allow you to do it without unnecessary manipulations.

You can use the extended tags dialog at Alt+T with the one track which is filled completely, select the fields you want to copy and then press Ctrl+C. Now close the dialog select the target files, open the extended tags dialog and press Ctrl+V.


It works! Thank you!
Anyway with this 'Alt+T' feature I couldn't copy 'Cover' section in one operation.
I made a short video of how I did this operation at my place:

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